Architectural Services in Bognor Regis & Emsworth

For a wide range of architectural services in Emsworth and the surrounding areas, get in touch with the team at Grove Design UK.

building inspector

Retrospective planning

Retrospective planning carrying on building work being carried out without formal permission and needing to be brought legally into line. 

new build plans

General planning jobs

We can help you with architectural planning, costings, structural calculations for projects and also obtaining permission for general planning.

Architect Engineer

Planning consultations

Planning consultations is a service that is provided to guide clients with their planning and development projects. It is provided for hassle-free completion of all projects. 

land boundaries

Land registry boundary adjustments

Land registry boundary adjustment or boundary adjustment plan provides a simple method of changing boundaries between developed property and association property. Any adjustments are aligned to the permission of Registrar General. 

Building Site

Building control assistance

Building control assistance ensures that buildings are designed and constructed in agreement with the building regulations and associated legislation.

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